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  • Ricky Malloy-Thomson


Kooth is a free, anonymous and safe online mental wellbeing community for young people

aged 10-18 (Primary 6 and 7 for primary) within Aberdeenshire.

It provides a range of services to support young people’s wellbeing. They have trained and

qualified counsellors whom are available until 10pm each night, 365 days per year. They also host pre-moderated age appropriate peer to peer discussion boards, live forums and articles all of which hold young person friendly information as well as therapeutic content.

Whilst your child may not need or use the service, as part of supporting children and young people to look after their wellbeing, we are ensuring all children are aware of provision in the area that could assist them now, in their transition to secondary school, or in the future.

You can visit the Kooth website here: