School News

  • Sarah Ledingham

Learning in Primary 1 🤩

Term 3 was certainly a very busy term in Primary 1. As well as lots of play and core learning, we also made time to learn a little about Robbie Burns, Scotland, weather, the qualities of a good friend and our feelings. As part of our learning for International Women's Day in March, we learned about a very special woman called Amelia Earhart who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean on her own and wrote about the special women that inspire us in our own lives. In art, we explored ways to mix colours, add detail in our drawings and paintings and we even used a blow painting technique to create our firework pictures. 😊

In the pictures below, you will see some of our displays from Term 3. Although, this is just a small snapshot of the learning that takes place in Primary 1, I thought it would be lovely for you to see and to allow the children to share some of their learning with you all at home. 👍🏻😃

I am quite sure you will all be as proud of your children as I am. They truly are superstars. ⭐️🤩