School News

  • Sarah Ledingham

Outdoor Learning in Primary 1

On Thursday 28th April, Primary 1 enjoyed a fantastic impromptu outdoor learning session in the school grounds. After learning about the important job that Earthworms have in keeping our soil and planet healthy, we went out to stamp for worms on the grass. We had the most success at a boggy area of the playground and after quite a long period of stamping, we were delighted when three appeared from underground. 🤩

As we were checking the rest of the playground for soggy areas of grass, we were thrilled to find an area when the cut grass had not yet been collected. Soon we were all VERY busy building worm houses and mounds and creating bird nests from the grass. It was all super exciting and it was a delight to hear you all sharing your ideas with one another, working together and having so much fun. It really was a great afternoon. 🥳

In the short video below, I have added the photos of our special afternoon together. I hope you enjoy sharing them with your families at home and remember to tell them a little more about what you were doing. It is always great to share our learning with others. 😊