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Remembrance Assembly

This year P5/6 and P7 will be working together to develop a virtual assembly for Remembrance after the October break. The children would like to create an assembly that includes all the classes and has a strong focus on families that are close and important to the school community, and how we can take a bit of time to remember the many people that have given their lives or lost their lives to any war effort in history.

We would like to make a request to all parents/carers and family members. If you have a relative who has given a part of their life or indeed lost their life to any war effort, we would like to invite you to send in a picture to the school so we can include it in our school assembly as part of our local Remembrance. The photograph would be included as part of a collage during the assembly. We hope to remember local individuals as well as acknowledging Remembrance events across the country.

If you have a photograph of a family member and would be happy to share this for our assembly, then please use this link sent out in a school email earlier today.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to email the school office and we will try and answer these for you as soon as possible.