School News

  • Ricky Malloy-Thomson

Spaghetti Maths

Eventful day in P5/6 this morning. The class have recently covered how to use protractors to measure different types of internal angles in triangles and quadrilaterals; as well as finding out more about regular and irregular polygons.

We are now starting to explore 3D objects, with our lesson today using spaghetti and marshmallows - allowing the class to recreate different 3D objects of their choice and using their properties to justify and explain their label.

Some of the kids even started to explore how these 3D objects would look in motion if their faces were to open or move, and looked at how nets can be created when we take these objects apart.

Mr Thomson is breathing a sigh of relief that the carpet didn’t get soldered with marshmallow and spaghetti (like a previous occasion). The carpet lives to see another day!